Research Training Schedules
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Below is a rough guide to the training schedules involved in our three main research areas. schedules for other topics are arranged according to the needs of the topic and project and are to be accessed and organised directly with your respective tutor.

Seagrass Training

·      Session 1- Introduction to seagrass habitats

·      Session 2- Seagrass identification and mapping presentation

·      Session 3- Seagrass mapping presentation

·      Session4- Seagrass survey methodology presentation

·      Session 5- Seagrass survey methodology practical session (to be repeated as required)

·      Session 6- Seagrass identification and methodology test  (to be repeated as required)


Reef Training

·      Session 1- Introduction to coral reef ecosystems presentation

·      Session 2- Reef fish presentation part 1

·      Session 3- Reef fish presentation part 2

·      Session 4- Reef invertebrates presentation

·      Session 5- Brief reef substrate presentation (extended for those staying for longer than 1 month)

·      Session 5- Reef survey methodology presentation

·      Session 6- Reef survey methodology practical session (to be repeated as required)

·      Session 7- Reef identification and methodology test  (to be repeated as required)


Seahorse Training

·      Session 1- Seahorse identification presentation part 1

·      Session 2- Seahorse identification presentation part 2

·      Session 3- Seahorse survey methodology presentation (will also cover appropriate procedures for seahorse encounters)

·      Session 4- Seahorse survey methodology practical session (to be repeated as required)

·      Session 5- Seahorse identification and methodology test (to be repeated as required)


All final sessions also cover data entry, analysis and report procedures

Interns and volunteers will also be involved in approximately two diving- based identification sessions per day.

At the end of the land and diving training sessions listed above the interns/volunteers will be required to sit both a written and practical (in-water) test to ensure they are fully trained before being placed on a survey team. If you feel you are ready before the training sessions have finished, you may take the test early. If you pass, you can move onto the survey team earlier than scheduled.

It is important to note that each training area will have an assigned staff tutor who is available to give extra assistance and knowledge wherever needed.

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